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The creation of a Medieval arming Sword

Part 1 Forging the Blade

This is the first episode of a short series. I am forging and building a medieval arming sword. In this video, I design the sword, forge the blade, and grind roughly the shape and a fuller.

Part 2 Forging the Guard

In this episode I forge and grind the cross guard, which is the second of the three most important pieces of a sword. It protects the hand of being cut by the opponents sword.

Part 3 Forging the Pommel

The pommel is the third piece of a sword. It is used to balance the weight of the blade, so that handling is the best possible, and it keeps the sword of slipping out of your hand.

Part 4 Heat treatment

The heat treatment gives live to the sword. It turnes the sof steel into a fully functional, flexible and durable weapon. But it is also the most critical step of all, because the blade can crack, bend or warp…

Part 5 Making the Handle and Finishing the Sword

At this point it’s a matter of patience. The handle has to be crafted, and blade, guard and pommel have to be hand sanded. Then all is going to be put together and fixed by a rivet to finish a piece of art.

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